Saturday, 8 March 2014

Weekend wish list | 004

001. Jail breaker black leather sandals - Office
002. High heel platform sandals - Miss KG at Topshop
003. Lako leather tasseled loafers - Bertie at Dune
004. Lutney textured slip-ons - Dune
005. Light orange peep toe platform sandals - River Island

So the aim of this edition of the weekend wish list was to spot myself some day-to-night heels that would be perfect for those awkward transitions from meals that swiftly turn into night outs. I got distracted and instead just ended up wracking up a list of every form of shoe possible that I now just have to have.

001. It was love at first sight when I spotted these from the other side of the Office store in Carnaby Street. These definitely tick my 'day-to-night' box but unfortunately they're sold out online now and I have that horrible gut feeling that I've completed missed out on them! *rushes to check every Office store within a 10 mile radius*

002. Me and leopard print have always been good friends; it's a print that instantly gives oomph to the simplest of outfits. I need to add these to my leopard print collection pronto!

003. I already have a very similar pair of tan loafers from Clarks but it's about time that I got a new pair. They're the type of shoe that are a classic item and are worth the investment (yes I do call £69 an investment!). Teamed with a classic mac, breton stripe top and hair styled in a topknot; riviera never looked so chic.

004. Leopard print again - I know, I have a problem! I went to a BBC Apprenticeship conference this Monday where I saw a lady in these and I just had to ask where they were from. She told me that they were the comfiest things she'd ever worn which made me want them more.

005. Peach is about as far as I can go when it comes to pastels, well colour in general if I'm honest. These are so pretty and would look great with an all white outfit and a Summer tan. Ahh, Summer... when will you return? I am in desperate need of my tan back.

Have you found the perfect day-to-night heels? Help a girl out!
L x


  1. 4 is so amazing! I love animal print on shoes :)

    1. Me too! I have a pair of lace up boots from Zara that I live in x