Sunday, 23 June 2013

It's gonna be everything you ever dreamed

I am back! Back to work and normality but still in the blissful state of being on holiday.

Istanbul was amazing, beautiful and 'Bazaar' (ha ha excuse my terrible pun - I couldn't help myself!). It was filled with interesting people and things and had that lovely Turkish culture mixed in with a vibrant, busy city. Of course the gorgeous weather kind of helped too. It is an extremely huge place and by no means did I see it all, but what I did see has persuaded me to go back and explore the rest in the future.

I still haven't got through all of my photos but here are a few from the first part of my trip in Istanbul and also of the beautiful Altinkum which is on the Aegean Coast and is where I spent the remainder of my holiday.

#1 The Blue Mosque

#2 The Grand Bazaar

#3 Istinye Park

#4 Didim Marina

#5 Altinkum

#6 Instagram

During my stay in Istanbul we ended up at the most amazing shopping centre by accident (#3). It was genuinely the best mistake I have ever made! Istinye Park was filled with a range of high street stores, including Zara, Mango, Bershka and Pull and Bear, but it also had some great Turkish high street fashion and high-end designer. By far my favourite store was Yargici where I purchased some pumps and a gorgeous white slogan t-shirt. I love going to other countries and checking out their high-street fashion chains. It's great to get those sneaky buys that you can't easily get hold of at home.

Have you ever been to Turkey or Istanbul? Let me know your thoughts and experiences...

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Preparing for Istanbul

There are only three words that can sum up the past few days.

Last. Minute. Shopping.

I hate it! Over the weekend (which seems to have extended to today) I have been on the hunt for those last few items on my holiday shopping list. They're the things that I always put off and often resent buying because they seem pointless as I only wear them for the holiday season. Anyway, moaning aside I think that I have actually got everything that I need without over packing which is always a bonus as the less baggage weight I have going out, the more I can bring back - and I intend to bring a lot!

I am so excited to visit Istanbul and feel like it is completely underrated. Although, I probably shouldn't say that until I have been and can give a valid verdict which I will be doing on my return.

I digress - the original purpose of this post was to show you my favourite holiday purchases.

Jacket - Dorothy Perkins
This is my favourite purchase by far. When I first saw this jacket I had to double check which store I was in and I'm sure you had to do a double take too. I love the woven pattern and had been eyeing up similar versions from Monsoon but could never justify the hefty price tag.

Straw Floppy Hat - Dorothy Perkins
This was an absolute steal as it came to just £8.40! I definitely need to invest in more hats soon.

Necklace - Topshop
I finally bought this necklace after lusting after it every time I went in to Topshop. It's a little bit tribal and goes great with this jacket. Decorative necklaces are a something I'm starting to collect, along with my ever growing jackets collection.

Tan Chunky Heels - Topshop
Ok, so these aren't exactly brand new but I love them! I tried to save them for my trip but couldn't resist taking them on a night out last bank holiday - they served me well though as they were unbelievably comfy! I've got so many holiday outfits planned around these.

I had better get ready and finish my packing!
Let me know your thoughts and see you in two weeks...
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