Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Ideas | Mother's Day gifts

001. Favourite Child card - Heidi Nicole at NOTHS
002. Acrostic Grandma card - Doodlelove at NOTHS
003. Yves Saint Laurent Touch Eclat  - All Beauty
004. Light blue satchel - River Island
005. Lovely large canvas pouch - Alphabet Bags
006. 'Moon and back' key ring - Kutuu

001. I try every year to get the soppy and heartfelt card that I know my mum dearly desires - but I just can't do it. So I'm leaving that to my sister this year and going for the usual cheek that only the youngest child can get away with. Ahh, the perks of being the baby of the family.

002. The name may fool you but Mother's Day isn't just for your mother you know; don't forget the Grandmas! I always love to get my Grandma a card and a little something just to remind her how loved and important she is. After all my Grandma, as my sister and cousins will agree, is the best there is - although we may be slightly biassed.

003. I don't know about yours, but my mother loves this stuff - and so do I! The highlighter pens by YSL and Estee Lauder are definitely the best I've tried, although not the cheapest. The website is fab, offering 'posh' products at slightly cheaper prices for those who need to pinch the pennies.

004. It was actually my mum herself who brought the fact that Mother's Day was just around the corner to my attention... by getting her order for this bag in early. Her exact words were "I've seen this bag that you can get me for Mother's Day"; talk about demanding! It's super cute though and bang on the pastel trend for SS14 - nice find Jules!

005. Alphabet Bags and Kutuu are two of many independent gems that I've found on Not on the high Street. I love the message on the front of this pouch and it's bound to make anyone smile during their morning routine. It would make the the perfect make-up bag.

006. Giving my mum a key ring for Mother's Day is the equivalent of giving the gift of a mug - dull and empty. But the personality of this one could actually sway my previous judgements. 'I love you right to the moon and back' and the multiple variations were things that I used to say to my mum as a kid, and although I really shouldn't admit this, we still say it now.

While I go hang my head in shame at what I just admitted, I'd love to hear your ideas for Mother's Day?
L x


  1. If I bought my mum that bag I'd end up stealing it for myself haha. I'm not soppy with my mum but mothers day is the one time I can get away with it :)
    Xx hayley-eszti

    1. I fear that's what I'll do too! But it's a risk she's willing to take! That's what Mother's Day is for :) x