Wednesday, 12 March 2014

OOTD | I would hit the ground running

001. Khaki Shirt - Zara (old)
002. Black Jamie Jeans - Topshop
003. Leopard print coat - Topshop (sold out)
004. Nike Dunks Sky Hi - Footlocker (sold out)
004. Watch - Michael Kors at Beaverbrooks
005. City bag - Zara

One of the best things about my job and the industry that I work in is that, outfit wise, anything goes. Ok, so maybe it would be frowned upon if I rolled up to work in a bikini and sarong (do they still exist?!) or my Cookie Monster pyjamas (best things ever!), but I wouldn't be escorted out of the building. 

I hate photographs with my hair up, this is kind of reflected in my not so happy facial expression, but they were unavoidable as this is a lazy day, 'comfort is my priority' kind of style. I love my Nike Dunks - they're perfect for this kind of outfit and still give me the extra height I so desperately need! The leopard print 'Marmite' coat is one of my favourites and could probably divide the opinions of a nation, but what the hell.

It's been a funny few weeks. If I'm honest, I think I've struggled with adjusting to moving back home and having no structure. I like structure - does that make me an old lady? I'd just really got into the swing of things in Manchester; I had time to socialise, work, exercise, cook, watch ridiculous amounts of Netflix (although my addiction to Pretty Little Liars got way out of hand), shop and explore. But despite now being in the comfort of my own home and city, I just can't seem to find the right balance. 

This week I'm trying something different so fingers crossed I will finally settle back in. I'm dying to find a new car as I'm sure that will help me heaps! I'm not going to lie, being so reliant on my parents is slightly soul destroying after having so much independence. Moan over.

Hope you're surviving peak of the week,
L x

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