Saturday, 1 February 2014

Weekend wish list | 003

001. Thank you cards - Paperchase
002. Vans Old Skool leopard print trainers - Office
003. Bourjois Happy Light Concealer - Boots
004. Converse All Star White canvas - Office
005. Strawberry iPhone 4 case - Claires Accessories

The last weekend in Manchester has creeped up rapidly and silently behind me. Feeling a little sad, a little happy and a little erratic, it's making me want to shop right now. I've made a promise to myself that my future clothing purchases will be investment staples that will last me a long time, fit in to my existing wardrobe and create a capsule wardrobe that Gok would be proud of; hence, I am avoiding going into Manchester centre and distracting myself with endless episodes of Pretty Little Liars on Netflix!

My wish list this weekend are what I'd like to call practical and smart buys...

001. As I approach the last week of my placement, I wanted to do something to say a huge thank you to the team I've been working with. They have been the kindest, most welcoming and helpful people who have really helped me to progress in my studies and work experience. Bianca and I have decided that individual thank you notes are the way forward, and homemade cake of course! These ones from Paperchase are my favourite - classic and simple enough to let the note inside do the talking.

002. Ok, so these are the least practical item today. But they're cute and I love leopard print. However, I am slightly edging towards a slip on pair but I can't seem to find any!

003. I tried this a while ago in-store and loved the creamy but good coverage it gave. At the time I had plenty concealer and my sensible head told me to hold out. I did, so can I buy it now?!

004. How do I not own a pair of these? Surely that fact alone is reason enough for me to instantly buy them. I have the blue high top versions but they're just not doing it for me anymore. I love how the classic Converse will literally go with anything from jeans, to leather trousers to shorts - a perfect investment for the wardrobe I lust after.

005. If you saw my current iPhone case you would look at me a whole other way. It was originally pale blue but has slowly become an unpleasant and murky shade I'd rather not describe. Buying a new one is certainly overdue. I keep looking online but there's just way too much choice. This strawberry cover from Claires Accessories is adorable but there's one problem - I just realised it's for the iPhone 4. 
Back to the search I go!

L x

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