Sunday, 29 December 2013

Weekend wish list | 001

1. Fuck You necklace - Regal RoseDespite the fact that my mother would disapprove, I can't help but love this necklace! I keep eyeing it up but just haven't plucked up the courage to buy it. It would make many unwanted situations much simpler.

2. Silver trinket ring - Regal Rose
Having recently accumulated many rings (they all of a sudden seem to be an absolute necessity when piecing any outfit together) I've come to the conclusion that I love silver jewellery. I've always worn gold but think it's time for a change. If only this wasn't sold out - it could have been the beautiful beginning of my soon to be ginormous collection!

3. STrong ring - Super Trash
Another ring; I really like jewellery with statement words and already have several 'love' bangles and rings. I like the message of this ring though and think it sums Super Trash up very well!

4. Mink fur gillet - Rare London
Family members have inspired me this Christmas and I'm now lusting after the perfect gillet. I love the colour mink, it's simple yet classic (dare I say chic?!) and goes with everything. Teamed with leather trousers and some silver jewellery, maybe even the Regal Rose ring, it'd make a perfect date night outfit.

5. Ear piercings
Ok, so this is not technically an item to buy but I am dying for a new piercing. I keep stumbling upon this image on Pinterest and absolutely love the piercing placements and earrings. I think this is definitely a task for my return to Manchester in the new year. 

6. Lulu Guinness birdcage umbrella - House of Fraser
I've been putting off buying a new umbrella for way too long now. My existing umbrella is the butt of many jokes; it is rusty and requires various alterations just to get it into place, and then after all this hard work it folds back down anyway! In a dream world, I would snap this Lulu Guinness creation up in a heartbeat *dreams of a life full of wonderfulness*.

What are you lusting after? If anyone could recommend any piercing shops in Manchester then let me know!

L x

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