Tuesday, 31 December 2013

The Eve of 2014 | Resolutions

Setting the scene: It's Tuesday afternoon on New Years Eve and I write this post from my bedroom in Leeds. My parents are at work and I have plans to celebrate the New Year with friends in the evening. Scrolling through my news feed I can't help but notice the generic 'New Year, New Me' status' which have got me thinking about 2014.

New years resolutions are not my strongest points. I've committed myself to the gym - hated it; vowed never to eat a carb again - I effing love potatoes; this year I'm trying to think outside of the box. By definition, a Resolution is a firm decision to do or not do something, so I thought I'd share my realistic goals for 2014...

001. My first resolution is my favourite - you're reading it. I've had many false starts with blogging but this time I felt I had a purpose and so I got a head start on the new year by beginning as I mean to go on. It's a way that I can fit all of my favourite things in to life outside of my day job!

002. With twelve official months left of my apprenticeship I aim to make the most of every single city I live in and come across. Exploring and getting to know Manchester has been fun but I want to take it up a level by finding new events and experiences across the city. Groupon deals shall become my forte!

003. It's safe to say that moving away from home (Leeds), my family and friends in 2013 was insanely exciting and a little bit scary. So friends, family, if you're reading this I propose many more trips to London - or wherever I may be!

004. Tick more things off my bucket list (some of which are on my pinterest) and add a hell of a lot more to it! I at least want to go to Amsterdam or generally anywhere in Europe and bungee jump (we'll see about that one!) this year.

005. And finally, to continue a little of what I've already been doing. 2013 has been a long year, but also a really good one. I finally found a job I love which came with new friends for life, went to Istanbul, to live gigs and festivals, to a museum(!) finally made it to Chester Zoo after two years of waiting and actually look back on the year as time well spent - here's an extremely brief summary in photographs!

I love hearing about other peoples resolutions, what are yours?

Anyway, here's to the fabulous year to come. I hope 2013 was good to you all and that 2014 is going to be even better! Now go celebrate the new year with your favourite people!



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    1. It really is, and a really great motivator too! Your blog is amazing by the way!