Friday, 23 August 2013

Run Forest, run!

Recently I've really been getting in to living a healthy lifestyle. In all honesty, I think I had a bit of 'staring at Lucy Mecklenburgh too much' syndrome and became a little envious. It sparked me to buy a clean eating book and to start attending an outdoor bootcamp class; surprisingly, it's nowhere near as scary as it sounds.

I've been going to a local bootcamp since around the end of May. After getting a new job, I wasn't able to easily go to my regular gym anymore and had to cancel my membership. I was looking for a new affordable gym when I realised how enormously boring it actually is. So I began looking for new ways to get in shape and there it was; local, affordable, sociable and most importantly, fun! I genuinely look forward to going on an evening and no matter what type of day I've had, everything is great as soon as I've hit bootcamp.

It's not easy and there are no excuses with the trainers, but it's so worth the results!

I orginally purchased the Clean and Lean Diet Cookbook by James Duigan on a whim when I had the slightest motivation. But when I actually started reading it made complete sense. The point of the book is to drop the diets and take on a complete lifestyle change. The basis of the idea is to only eat foods that are in their natural state, or extremely close to it. It's all about clearing your body of toxins and giving it only what it needs, not what it wants. Don't get me wrong, by no means at all do I stick to this idea 100% - sometimes Mum's spaghetti bolognaise literally calls my name! But I do try to switch to healthier alternatives such as whole wheat or even quinoa.

I've recently started trying out some great recipes that I found online; my next mission is desserts (I'm a sucker for anything sweet). I really love cooking so I'm sure that I'll be sharing all my favourite foodie blogs soon!

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