Wednesday, 7 August 2013

The neglected blog

So my last post was published over a month ago... oops! I feel like I should have an excellent excuse for this but all I can say is that July is always the busiest month of my year. I thought I'd fill you in as to what I've been up to over my month of blogging neglect.

When I arrived back from Turkey, all of my friends had come home from uni (yay!) so we've been doing the usual going out and generally catching up on each others gossip. I also went to see two films at the cinema this month and neither say much about my mental age (Despicable Me 2 and Monsters University - I don't care how old you are, go see them)!

There have been several birthdays this month too, including my own twenTEENTH on 21st July! I'm still grasping on to my teenage years. Something about turning twenty hit a nerve amongst me and all my friends, but so far I can't complain. I spent the weekend celebrating my own birthday with family as well as one of my best friends birthday in Headingley! I got some amazing gifts including some Ted Baker earrings, a cute new purse and a gorgeous hair bun decoration thing - I have no idea what they're called - oh and a bottle of Gordans Gin. My nearest and dearest certainly know me well.

I've been down to London three times this month for job interviews (I'm keeping hush for the time being, I don't want to jinx anything) and also for the Yahoo! Wirless Festival. Wireless was amazing; I went with a friend on Saturday when Jay-Z was headlining. It was such a gorgeous day and the atmosphere was second to none - if it's your kind of music too, then I would definitely recommend it! We arrived on Friday and so had a great evening in Canary Wharf. I love London, it never ceases to amaze me.

To sum up my month, it has been pretty hectic and filled with birthday celebrations, job interviews, a festival and slight bit of lazing. I will post later in the week with some new content to come soon.

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