Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Preparing for Istanbul

There are only three words that can sum up the past few days.

Last. Minute. Shopping.

I hate it! Over the weekend (which seems to have extended to today) I have been on the hunt for those last few items on my holiday shopping list. They're the things that I always put off and often resent buying because they seem pointless as I only wear them for the holiday season. Anyway, moaning aside I think that I have actually got everything that I need without over packing which is always a bonus as the less baggage weight I have going out, the more I can bring back - and I intend to bring a lot!

I am so excited to visit Istanbul and feel like it is completely underrated. Although, I probably shouldn't say that until I have been and can give a valid verdict which I will be doing on my return.

I digress - the original purpose of this post was to show you my favourite holiday purchases.

Jacket - Dorothy Perkins
This is my favourite purchase by far. When I first saw this jacket I had to double check which store I was in and I'm sure you had to do a double take too. I love the woven pattern and had been eyeing up similar versions from Monsoon but could never justify the hefty price tag.

Straw Floppy Hat - Dorothy Perkins
This was an absolute steal as it came to just £8.40! I definitely need to invest in more hats soon.

Necklace - Topshop
I finally bought this necklace after lusting after it every time I went in to Topshop. It's a little bit tribal and goes great with this jacket. Decorative necklaces are a something I'm starting to collect, along with my ever growing jackets collection.

Tan Chunky Heels - Topshop
Ok, so these aren't exactly brand new but I love them! I tried to save them for my trip but couldn't resist taking them on a night out last bank holiday - they served me well though as they were unbelievably comfy! I've got so many holiday outfits planned around these.

I had better get ready and finish my packing!
Let me know your thoughts and see you in two weeks...
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  1. That necklace is gorgeous :)



    1. Thank you! Love your blog by the way - new follower :) xx